The Micro Enterprise Program of My Sisters Place, London Ont.  is excited to announce our partnership with Prance Design. 

women supporting women!

LOVINGLY REDESIGNED FOR YOU! our items are created from mostly post-consumer products or found items. Each Artisan from the collective designs...

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Women empowering women

Lisa Synott

"I love designing unique and  custom pieces . I specialize in seed bead work but also love leather and indigenous crafts, Celtic work and custom pieces. click "shop my collections" for more information."

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" I am a long time artist turned jewellery designer. I'm inspired by just about everything from skulls, beads and diamonds to gears and halloween. I love working with all things recycled."

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Mary Cant Marier

I love making memory wire bracelets. It's also fun to take the donated jewellery apart; I get to find out how others make jewellery.

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I love to work with unusual items and things I find in nature. My use of repurposed leathers, feathers, acorns, wood and keys brings an exciting, whimsical nature to my creations.

I joined Micro Enterprise to be around company and learn new skills.

Since Joining Micro Enterprise I have more confidence and self esteem. I've learned to drive and have a part time job working with the public that I really enjoy.



I have been an artisan all my life. It makes me feel good to use my art as a voice to give back to those who live with similar conditions.

With my physical and mental wellness issues, finding this online platform and the Micro Enterprise community a huge support in bringing my ideas to fruition.

I have found the encouragement I needed as an artist to bring my creations to a level I’m comfortable with.

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Rosabelle Believe




Jessica Synott

Hi, my name is Jessica and I wanted to talk aboit how I got started knitting .

Well, It all started when I was going through all of my sweaters and looking at my blanket my grandmother had made for me. That is when I decided ; at the age of 12 that I wanted to learn how to knit . I asked my sister's Foster mom to teach me and I completed my firat 2 projects ; a scarf and a pair of mittens.

Over the next few years I made baby blankets and gave them to my friends, who were expecting as baby shower gifts.

A few years later, while working at a summer camp for horse back riding I saw a guy using hay twine for a guitar strap. I came up with a design for my first knitted guitar strap.

Over the years I have made over 100 guitar , banjo, ukulele and hand drum straps and about 50 blankets.

I love it so much that I will continue making and creating until I no longer can do so.



“I have been shopping at ME for many years and have never been disappointed with the uniqueness and beauty of anything I have purchased. It is also meaningful to me to support the work of artisans who have experienced considerable challenges and barriers in life and have overcome them to be part of this exceptional social enterprise. Each item I purchase comes with a woman’s unique story and spirit. For this reason, ME products make for the best gifts as the recipient not only receives a stunning work of art, they also contribute  to the livelihood of a deserving and resilient woman. The gifts I have given from ME have been worn to fancy galas and weddings, adorned people’s windows and gardens and marked important life events such as births, retirements and even memorials. ME will give you the shopping experience of your life!!”


Karna Trentman

preferred pronouns/pronoms préférés: she, her, hers/elle, elle, la sienne  

Director, Community Services

Directrice des services communautaires


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"...I am personally drawn to the chunky and Bohemian styles but I have purchased more conservative and classy items from different artists to give to family. You would be hard pressed not to find something you want from the items that have been created by such an inspired and inspiring group of women..."

Dee Gray

“The MicroEnterprise is my ‘go to’ any time I need a special gift for someone or a jewellery piece to boost my wardrobe. I love knowing that my purchases are not only one of a kind but they are created with heart by an artisan who is building a life for herself.” 

Jennifer Martin

My word to describe Patricia? AUTHENTIC! She has continually demonstrated a rich empathy for those of us experiencing PTSD and other mental health challenges. Her peer support background is consistently on offer and has stabilized our journey together as a collective.

Susan S
punk girl selling jewellery


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Lynn Blumas, my pronouns; (She, Her, Hers.) Micro Enterprise Coordinator


We like to help mother earth!

Most of our creations come from donated or broken pieces, and items destined for the landfill. We receive about a hundred pounds of jewellery items a week that we take apart and save for future creations.