The Micro Enterprise Program of My Sisters Place, London Ont.  is excited to announce our partnership with Prance Design. 




I am a designer, a consumer survivor, and I have also experienced homelessness. I started this (virtual business / social enterprise) to help women (and those who identify as women) with lived experience, by giving them an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills in jewelry and fashion design. This affords women the opportunity to gain independence and a sense of self esteem with an end goal of helping to lift women out of poverty.
I provide virtual classes and workshops as well as an online space to sell the final creations. Artisans receive 70% of the sale price of each item sold and my mentoring fee is 30%.

Now in the world of inclusivity; which I think is fabulous! I, being born and identify as a woman have had specific hardships related to my gender. I have  "lived experience" with gender bias and can help women on a peer support basis.

I accomplish this by teaching them jewelry making and fashion design through online classes and selling their final creations online for profit. When the women sell a creation, 70% of the sale will go to the individual and I retain the remaining percentage.

I have a subscription for access to online group"get togethers" with helpful jewellery tips and also a Q&A session. This is a platform that provides women with a connection to other women with similar goals that I will perform on a bi-weekly basis. This will be available for free.

Future goals 

I wish to have a subscription or membership for online classes and group discussions. 

Subscribers would have access to online classes that I host on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in taking a class please fill out information here.

 For information about sponsoring a woman please click here:

 If you are interested in joining the group, know of anyone who could benefit or have any questions, feel free to contact us